The Break Through
 16 x 20  Mixed Media Canvas

When I saw the opportunity to submit work for the Survivor Knights exhibition, I jumped! Finally, a chance for something open and honest, gritty and raw. Something  REAL.

It is MY voice, MY perspective. It is sad, angry, harsh and rudimentary. It is the inner child fighting back, screaming, and finally entering the "Break Through". 

Abuse is real. It comes in many forms and can happen to ANYBODY. This is just my artistic take on domestic, mental, verbal and child abuse. Art is not only fun and colorful, it can be therapeutic and healing.

Although I am not a member, the Survivor Knights group in New Bern is doing a great thing and I am glad to be a part of this exhibition.

--"Survivor Art is about fostering a sense of community amongst survivors of any abuse or medical condition. Only together can we survive. I would like to invite all artists and lovers of art who use art and appreciation of art to garner strength and resolve to bring art and display it. Your darkest moments may be the light to another".--Brian Cardoza

For further information about Survivor Knights, Brian Cardoza and his mission, click here.

" It's harsh, it's raw, it's complete chaos on the canvas. It is crude, almost painful to look at. Unfortunately, a survivor of abuse can tell you, that that is what abuse is-raw, chaotic, crude and painful to the point that people look the other way. "